I’m back.

Well, I haven’t said anything here in quite a while.

Probably the most interesting thing that has happened in that time was going on a trip to all 48 continental states. My sister and I set out to do this in September.

We left September 1st and took 24 days to do it. But we made it to all 48 states, plus Quebec and Ontario. Even when we ended up rerouting in order to dodge hurricane Ivan. We were able to visit several of our friends around the country. As well as whirlwind tours of a number of national parks, Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone, Redwood forest, Grand Canyon, Petrified forest and many of the monuments and sight’s in and around Washington DC. We ended up traveling a little over 12,000 miles and taking over 4,000 pictures. It was quite a lot of fun, but I was ready to stop driving (I was the only driver) and get out of the car for a while by the time we got back home. ;) Hopefully we’ll be able to get a selection of those pictures posted.


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