Game popularity stats

For those that may be interested in a follow up on my earlier comment about game stats collected from Gamespy. I have now collected stats from 1:30am Friday 7-30 through Sunday 8-8. In that time 69 different games appeared on the top 40 list. Below are a couple different averages pulled from these.

First all the games seen with their average rank and players:

Name Rank Players

Next is all games by players per server:

Name Player-Server ratio P-S ratio 95% CI

And just games averaging over 300 players (excluding demos for a stable population) leaving 27 games:

Name Player-Server ratio P-S ratio 95% CI

And a pretty graph of the above (minus “Star Wars Republic Commando” because of scaling):

(click for larger image)


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  1. SCORPION Says:

    Heelo i want to know that is there any website for the helo 1 demo… If somebody know about it then tell me. cya