What game to host?

Specialist’s have been debating recently on what new game to host on our server. There isn’t really any alternative game besides CS that a significant number of members play. But since we have the power and bandwidth sitting there we might as well use it. So since I’m the one running the beast I’ve been researching some of the different games.

The first candidate that was leading is Battlefield: Vietnam. The big draw back to this is that I personally don’t own it and would probably have a hard time managing it blind so to speak.

A couple of days ago I thought of checking Gamespy to see what sort of stats they might have on game popularity and of course they have this nice little page. The one thing I realized was that we didn’t necessarily want to go by the game popularity. But that it would probably be better to look at the ratio of players to servers. This way we would have a better chance of being a bigger fish in whatever size the pond is. Also we probably want to stick with something in the FPS Team based genre so there is a better chance for our members to cross over with the game.

Right now I’m leaning toward recommending America’s Army. It has three things going for it:

  1. The player-server ratio looks pretty high, but I’ll compile the full stats in the next day or two.
  2. I’ve played it before and have some experience with it.
  3. It’s free so any of our members that want to try it out can simply download it and give it a spin.

So unless the player-server ratio stats favor another game overwhelmingly I’ll probably submit this one to the clan to give a try.


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